FasTrak SD

The FasTrak™ Super Duty is a compact commercial Zero Turn Lawnmower capable of high output mowing. Over all dimensions and weight enable this lawnmower to be transported in the back of most vans or as an additional mowing unit on a trailer alongside other implements.

engine guard

Kawasaki FS Engine

Premium commercial grade engine backed by a 3 year engine warranty.


Heavy Duty Welded Steel Decks

The heavy duty welded steel deck offers superior strength and durability.


Tough Frame

1.5″ x 3″ steel frame. Toughest in the industry.



600 hour warranty offers peace of mind.

control panel

Control Panel

Simple to use control panel.


Custom Bolstered Seat

Custom, bolstered vinyl seat with internal suspension.


4 year/800 hour

See your local Hustler Dealer for complete details.

2 year 800 hour

See your local Hustler Dealer for complete details.

Manufacturer Kawasaki
HP 36″: 19HP* – FX600 (932491CE)
48″: 22HP* – FS691 (930123CE)
48″: 22HP* – FS691 RD (932483CE)
54″: 23.5HP* – FX730 (930149CE)
Displacement 36″: 603cc
48″, 54: 726cc
Cooling Air Cooled
Engine Warranty 4 year/800 hour or 2 year/800 hour
Drive System
Type Dual Hydrostatic
Transmission HydroGear ZT 3400
Speed 36″, 42″: 7.5 mph
48″, 54″, 60″: 9 mph
Parking Brakes Patented Automatic
Cutting Width 36″, 48″, 54″
Cutting Heights 1.5″ – 4.5″
Deck Lift Foot Operated
Depth 4.5″
Blades 36″: 2
48″, 54″: 3
Blade Length 36″: 2 – 17.86″ x 2.5″ x .20″
48″: 3 – 16.5″ x 2.2″ x .20″
54″: 3 – 18.5″ x 2.2″ x .20″
Blade Tip Speed 36″, 42″: 18,400 fpm
48″: 18,600 fpm
54″: 18,910 fpm
Spindles Aluminum w/ 1.0″ shafts and sealed ball bearings
Drive Warner Electric PTO Clutch (125 ft lbs)
Construction 11 ga. Fabricated
Spindle Mounts Reinforced 11ga.
Impact/Trim Areas 3/8″ x 1″ steel bar
Frame 1.5″ x 1.5″ x .188″ steel
Front Axle Fabricated w/ sealed ball bearings
Front Caster Wheels Commercial duty steel roller bearings
Front Caster Forks Fabricated 3/8″ steel
Seat Molded vinyl, adjustable, suspension spring.
Fuel Capacity 36″: 4.2 gal.
48″, 54″: 6.8 gal.
Cup Holder Yes
Front Tire 36″: 13 x 5.0 – 5
48″, 54″: 13 x 6.5 – 6
Drive Tire 36″: 20 x 8 -10
48″: 20 x 10 – 10
54″: 20 x 12 -10
Acres Per Hour 36″: 2.18*
48″: 3.49*
54″: 3.93*
*Number based on 80% efficiency. This rating is to account for actual mowing conditions including overlapping, turning and terrain.

Mower ships with Factory installed mulch kit.


FTmulch kit

Mulch Kit

The versatile Hustler mowing decks can side-discharge or mulch. With an ultra-cut, our deck is also the toughest in the industry.

FTSD catcher

2-Bag Grass Catcher

Easy-on, easy-off blower and hopper assemblies. The catcher holds 7.2 bushels. More Info.

FTSD lights


Extend your productivity into the late hours with our optional light kit.

lever extension

Steering Extension Kit

Steering levers can be adjusted in several ways to make your mowing experience as comfortable as possible.

FTSD flexforks

Flex Forks

Shock-absorbing front-caster forks that improve operator comfort and provide a more even cut especially over uneven terrain and at higher speeds. Flex Forks fit nearly any Hustler z-rider.

striped grass

Stripe Kit

Now you can get that Yankee Stadium look.


“All I have heard and seen on this Hustler FasTrak SD and what it can could do, does not match sitting on one and seeing for yourself what power this machine has! I am more impressed than I could have ever Imagined … it’s nothing but AWESOME! I have taken my Hustler FT SD to the same places and under the same conditions that another mower got stuck a number of times, and It has not even slipped. Thank you for putting me on the FasTrak SD – it’s second to none. I can’t believe how fast it cut the lawn. JUST UNBELIEVABLE! I thank Hustler for my great Investment – my money was well spent. A Hustler customer forever.”

– S. Lee, Tarboro, NC

“I looked at all the major players in the zero-turn market and was immediately drawn to Hustler. The FasTrak SD was a perfect fit in quality, size, price and dealer network that I was looking for. Since my purchase I have fallen in love with the daunting task of yard maintaince again. The quality of cut, the speed at which I can maintain my 2 acres and the realibility of the mower is second to none. Thanks for the great mower!”

– C. Goulet, Saginaw MI

“I like the fact that my FasTrak SD will get through 36” gates. The machine is equipped with a heavy duty frame and I appreciate the durability. With my Hustler, I always get a great cut. I ‘m expanding my business this year and just ordered an X-ONE!”

– C. Hobbs, Owner Red Bridge Lawn Care

“As a commercial operator, I like the compact size of my Hustler 36” FasTrak. It works great for the narrow gates of backyards and it cuts down on my time versus using a traditional walk behind. I like the ease of setting the park brake by simply pushing out the control arms. It also has great power when I need it.”

– C. McAllister, Owner of Home Cuts Professional
Lawn Service Denham Springs, LA

“We average 25 to 30 residential properties a year and recently upgraded from a 48” FasTrak to the FasTrak SD 54” with optional flex forks and LED lights, to save time since we took on some bigger properties. I have never had a problem with either mower and love working with my Hustler dealer. We are so proud of our Hustler we go to every spring to buy shirts and hats to wear during the season. I recommend Hustler to all my family and friends and anyone who asks, from people doing their own yards to someone with any size mowing business!”

– R. Tucker,  Belton, MO