We designed the X-ONE™ mainframe with heavy- gauge rectangular tubing for strength. Then we narrowed the body, allowing the X-ONE to carry three different deck sizes to meet any user's needs. With a top speed of 11 mph, the X-ONE makes quick work of the largest jobs. With the perfect combination of power and versatility, the X-ONE can do it all.

2014 0002 VX4 deck

VX4 Deck

Clean cut, unmatched performance in all conditions.

2014 0000 motor


Proven separate pumps and motors built to last.

XONE Seat thumb

Full Suspension Seat

Full suspension seat.

2014 0003 engine

High Horsepower Engine Options

Kawasaki FX and Vanguard engines provide more than enough horsepower to tackle even the toughest jobs.

2014 0004 fuel-tank

Fuel Capacity

10.3 gallons. More than enough for all day commercial mowing.

Hustler features thumb

Full Commercial Warranty

2 year / no hour limit. Peace of mind for commercial operators.


5-Year / 500 Hour Limited Warranty

See your local Hustler Dealer for complete details.

2-Year / NO Hour Limited Warranty

See your local Hustler Dealer for complete details.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

on the frame and leading edge of the deck.

Manufacturer Kawasaki
HP 54″: 23.5HP – FX730 (930529CE)
54″: 22HP – FX691 RD (930552CE)
Displacement 726cc
Cooling Air Cooled
Air Cleaner Heavy Duty Canister
Engine Warranty 2 year no hour limit/5 year 500 hour
Drive System
Type Dual Hydrostatic
Pumps 12cc HydroGear PK pumps with cooling fans
Wheel Motors Parker TF0240
Speed 11mph
Parking Brakes Patented Automatic
Cutting Width 54″
Cutting Heights 1″ – 5.5″
Deck Lift Foot Operated
Depth 5.5″
Blades 3
Blade Length 54″ deck:  18.5″ x 2.5″ x .20″
Blade Tip Speed 54″: 18,340 fpm
54″ RD:18,580 fpm
Spindles Ductile cast iron w/ steel shafts and sealed ball bearings
Deck Belts 1
Drive Warner Electric PTO Clutch (200 ft lbs)
Construction 11ga.+ 11ga.+ 7ga. welded steel
Spindle Mounts Reinforced 11ga. doubler +7ga. tripler, steel
Impact/Trim Areas 3/8″ x 1.5″ steel bar
Frame 1.5″ x 2.0″ x .188″ steel fabricated
Front Caster Wheels Mounted w/ sealed ball bearings
Front Caster Forks Fabricated 1/2″ steel
Seat Premium vinyl suspension seat
Fuel Capacity 10.3gal.
Cup Holder Yes
Front Tire 13 x 6.5 – 6
Drive Tire 24 x 9.5 -12
Acres Per Hour 54″: 4.80*
*Number based on 80% efficiency. This rating is to account for actual mowing conditions including overlapping, turning and terrain.

Mower ships with Factory installed mulch kit.



3-Bag Grass Catcher

Easy-on, easy-off blower and hopper assemblies.
The 3-bag catcher holds 12 bushels. More Info.


Bac-Vac Grass Catcher

Easy-on, easy-off blower and hopper assemblies.
The BacVac catcher holds 10 bushels and utilizes an electric accuated dump. More Info.

VX4 mulch kit

Mulch Kit

Nearly every Hustler deck has an optional Mulch Kit. No more handling clippings. Recycle them back into
the soil and reclaim nutrients.

flex forks

Flex Forks

Shock-absorbing front-caster forks that improve operator comfort and provide a more even cut especially over uneven terrain and at higher speeds.

front tire

Semi-Pneumatic Front Tires

Flat free front tire option.

deck lift

Hydraulic Deck Lift

Raise and lower the deck with the flip of a switch. This is an electric over hydraulic lift kit which consists of some simple bolt on hardware and switch installation.


Light Kit

Extend your productivity into the late hours with our optional light kit.

2014 0002 sand-kit

VX4 Sand Kit

A deck kit which helps withstand the heavy use in sandy situations.

lever extension

Steering Lever Extension Kit

Steering levers can be adjusted in several ways to make your mowing experience as comfortable as possible.

VX4stripkit thumb

VX4 Stripe Kit

For the person who wants to step it up a notch. A three roller system between the drive tires with heavy duty bearings on each roller, this stripe kit will leave a beautiful finish every time you mow.


Suspension Kit for Seat

Improved comfort for rough conditions.

2014 0000 single-antiscalp-wheel

Single Anti-Scalp Wheel

Additional kit for increased deck scalping protection. Two height settings. Can be used in conjunction with the dual anti-scalp kit.

2014 0001 dual-antiscalp-wheels

Dual Anti-Scalp Wheels

Additional kit for increased deck scalping protection. Fixed position. Can be used in conjunction with the single anti-scalp wheel kit.


“During my 10 years experience in the PGA tour, I had the pleasure of testing all brands of mowers. I found the Hustler does its job effortlessly. Other brands really let you know they are working hard instead of just getting the job done. When I switched to Hustler, I gained all my down time back. My operators are no longer part-time mechanics and I don’t have to stock extra parts for the machines.”

– J. Petrillo, IPM Landscapes

“I totally love my Hustler X-ONE. I have plenty of power for mulching leaves in the winter, or with no change over I can mulch thick St. Augustine grass all summer long. I’m cutting three acre yards in a hour with ease. The seat is super comfortable for hours of commercial cutting every day and the ride of the bigger tires and chassis is a huge difference in comfort compared to smaller units. As always the first thing that brings me back to Hustler is it’s ease of deck selection and brake engagement. Over all, the X-ONE is my favorite machine I’ve owned thus far.”

– K. Sheets

“When it was time to purchase a new mower, I compared five different manufacturers. There was a clear winner in all categories: the Hustler X-ONE. Now, after three mowing seasons, it’s commercial durability, and low maintenance are its most impressive qualities. I mow 4.5 acres of rough terrain, and my X-ONE hasn’t missed a beat! I am now a very loyal and happy Hustler owner.”

– M. Hunter

“I have been in landscaping for over twenty years. The Hustler X-ONE is the best mower I have ever used. The cut and handling of the Hustler is second to none. I will definately buy more Hustler Products!

– D. Bryant