Hustler riding mowers are designed with good traction and stability characteristics for normal mowing conditions, however, all slopes require extreme caution. Slopes are a major factor in loss-of-control and tip-over accidents, which can result in severe injury or death. (The Hustler ATZ is shown above. The ATZ is rated to mow on up to 25 degrees.)

Stay off of hills, ramps, or surfaces with slopes greater than 15 degrees.

safe 3

A ROPS with a seat belt is an important feature and is necessary when there is potential for a rollover.

Keep the ROPS in the raised and locked position and use your seat belt when operating a Hustler mower. Do not operate on a slope without a ROPS and seatbelt. Talk to your dealer about adding a ROPS if your mower doesn’t have one.

Mow a safe distance (minimum of 10 feet) away from drop offs, retaining walls, drainage ditches, embankments, water, and other types of hazards to avoid the ground from breaking away. This will reduce the risk of the machine suddenly rolling over causing serious injury or death.

Do not mow slopes when the grass is wet. Slippery conditions reduce traction and could cause sliding and loss of control.

Use a walk behind or push mower or hand-held trimmer on slopes and near drop-offs, retaining walls, drainage ditches, embankments and water to avoid machine rollover and serious injury or death.

Keep all movement on slopes slow and gradual. Do not make sudden changes in speed or direction which could cause the machine to roll over.

Safety-Tip-Slope-Slices 25

Do not tow on slopes. The weight of the towed equipment may cause loss of traction and loss of control.

Safety-Tip-Slope-Slices 26Watch for holes, ruts or bumps or rocks or other hidden objects. Uneven terrain could overturn the machine. Tall grass can hide obstacles.

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If you loose steering control while operating the machine, place the steering control levers in the park brake position immediately. Inspect the machine and involve your Hustler dealer to resolve the problem before continuing to operate. If pump belt fails, steering control will be lost. Refer to owner’s manual for inspection and replacement intervals and refer to above paragraph for emergency procedures.